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    Breaking Bonds


    Does ghosting a friend would mean that you don't respect the friendship you had? It's just that you actually need some space because you have lots of troubles going on in your life and it seems they do not understand you at all and you are just tired of explaining yourself. They have troubles too that they usually share with you but you just get to the point wherein you are just so tired of listening to them coz you, yourself has your own battles too. You stop communicating with them just because you wouldn't want to hurt them, having them hear the painful words you would want to say to them. 


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    • Luzmery Romero

      Luzmery Romero


          Harvard University graduate
          San Francisco

      Hello! What an interesting topic you are raising.
      People are very afraid of disappointing friends, and that makes us have doubts about our behaviors.
      I understand that you have already commented that you need to spend time on your problems or you have talked about your difficulties and you have not been understood. I will respond by saying the following: when you have set clear boundaries, there is no need to ghost your friends.
      Ghosting is used as a slang to talk about people who simply disappear, there is no explanation there, for the other person there is simply an absence. I believe that in the long run this creates damage in the relationship, and pain.
      But you shouldn't feel guilty for wanting time for yourself, or for not being affectively available. Set your priorities and communicate it, as a notice, not as a permission.
      "I want you to know that I am very interested in you, and I want to keep our friendship, but I am going to take some time for myself, during that time I will limit communication with several friends until I feel ready again, it has to do with my problems and does not mean that I don't love you "
      By posing it as a notification rather than a request for permition, you take your time but let the person know that it is temporary. I hope this serves you and the friends of innerpal!!
      Greetings, I would love to know what others think about this topic.

      02 Jun, 2021

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