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    Specialist   |    Mar,01,2021

    How can I help my girlfriend cope with her lack of work because of the covid-19?

    So far we have no financial problems but she feels very sad, constantly cries and says negative comments about herself. I don’t know what to do because I have a lot of work and although I want to help her this generates a lot of tension and makes me feel irritated some times.

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    • Luzmery Romero

      Luzmery Romero


          Harvard University graduate
          San Francisco


      We are experiencing moments of great stress, the uncertainty that this pandemic has produced generates anguish and discomfort. I think you can understand your girlfriend but you want more personal resources to achieve it, which is valid and I appreciate that you are looking for a way to solve it.


      It seems to me that the only thing you can do is provide emotional support to your girlfriend, this is to understand her but also motivate her to see a bigger picture of the situation. Remind him how important it is in your life. Because we don't know for sure when she will be able to work again, it is best not to push her. I recommend that you invite her to think about her strengths, and maybe that way she can get ideas to carry out new activities, start projects that she had postponed, learn something new or even give her work options a twist. I also invite you to explain what you feel, that sometimes her worry increases your stress, (not to judge her but so that she can also take into account your feelings).


      I wish the best of both of you, if the discomfort persists for a longer time, gets worse in intensity, or you notice that it costs her a lot to enjoy life, consider also recommending that she could attend with a mental health professional. Starting psychotherapy could be beneficial and there are many online community support options, for example, this website!

      26 May, 2021

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